Our Production

Organic Medjool dates- The Factory

• Our Factory is aligned with all organic requirements.
• The factory’s employees (managerial and technicians) endure periodic and regular medical tests.
• The machines: We own our machines. Every machine is intensively sterilized on a periodic basis.
• We own our own facilities. A sorting facility and storage facilities at (-18) °C
• Our packaging is compatible with the Food requirements. raw materials are mostly green.
• Every single step after the harvest is handled with the highest standards of sterilization.
• Our farm (20,000 palm trees) is located in Jordan valley and considered to be one of the
largest ones specialized in farming Organic Medjool Dates and operating a modern and
specialized Packing House for dates
• Current production for the years (2021-2022): 900-1000 tons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Factory

• We don’t outsource our oil pressing. We own the mill and we don’t handle any other olives at our Olive mill.
• The olive mill is organically certified.
• We have our farm (70,000 olive trees) in the east of Jordan and is considered as one of the
largest Olive Oil farms in Jordan. Our Olive Mill is modern and operates under the most
advanced milling technologies.
• Current production for the years (2021-2022): 100-150 tons