Our Mission

Getting Jordan the exposure it deserves in addition to increasing the coverage of the Jordanian product and its value in global markets.

Objectives & Vision

Our Goal is Hitting the following numbers for our exporting quantities: 2000 tons/year of Organic Medjool dates and 300 tons of Extra virgin Olive Oil (as well as 200 tons of other products).

Our Vision In 5 years, we aim for GFMC to be the leading “export gateway” of all Jordanian products; not limited to Extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic medjool dates.

Our Values

Our values which are absolutely built-in in the DNA of each and every employee of “Good Food Mood Co.” are as follows: customer-oriented, flexibility, authenticity, integrity, commitment, internal support for our employees, and unique corporate culture

Local Farm-to-Table

We at our Farms produce tens of tons of dates and olive oil with very high quality using the latest technology.