Good Food Mood Co.

Business Credibility is our Business Philosophy


Who We Are

Good Food Mood Co. (GFMC) is one of the Leading Jordanian Companies, established in 2014 and specialized in dates and olive oil manufacturing and exporting dates. Our farms have 50 thousand organic olive trees and more than 13 thousand palm trees.

Where we have sold our products over the last 10 years

100% Organic
Order Flexibility
Intensive Cultivation planting
–°ertified Quality

Our Organic Products

Medjool Dates

Soft, gooey, sweet, and delicious. 
Superb quality and the freshness are amazing. They instantly melt in your mouth. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unrefined, handpicked olive. Our oil is certified by ECOCERTSA.
The highest quality of all Olive oils out there.

Organic Barhi Dates

small and round and have a soft, somewhat chewy texture.
This type of date is known to have a sweet, butterscotch candy flavor.

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