Our Story

This is not your conventional walk in an “all-organic products” website feeding you with the: “we have the healthy and organic products” traditional line! However, we’ll stress the fact that not only our products are unique, top-notch healthy products, we also get the commercial side of this business like nobody else does! From the intensive background and expertise in the agricultural sector to the commercial savviness of our management and team, we understand and cover all of your reservations and fears. Regardless of the industry that you’re currently in; whether it is Horeca (the foodservice and  hotel industries) or you’re considering dipping your toe in this business as an importer,  a food retailer, a wholesaler, or a distributor. We sure got you! As an organization established in 2014; with a niche market of organic products (Organic  Medjool dates and Extra virgin Olive Oil being our top crops), and broad international coverage  of global countries and continents, and an exporting rate of almost 900-1000 tons /year of  Organic Medjool dates and current production of 100-150 tons of Extra virgin olive oil per year, we consider ourselves to be a leading player and in a unique position not to compete but to dominate the organic food industry in general.