medjoool dates vinegar
medjoool dates vinegar
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Our Organic Medjool Date Vinegar is considered a GMFC premium product filled in luxury glass containers; capacities of 250 and 500 ml.

Organic Medjool Date Vinegar

The product is simply an extract of organic Medjool dates without any additives; chemicals or artificial dyes; made in the authentic Iraqi inherited way.
It’s Squeezed by the traditional home/manual method under safe and sterile health conditions. 
It takes us a full period of 20 days and is filtered 5 times from the impurities.

Its acidity is less than 5% and it’s compressed within almost 40 days in hot climates, and 60 days in other weathers.

  • Microbe free
  • pH checked
  • Alcohol percentage checked
  • Dissolved solids checked